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WARNED: Motorists will be ‘ASKED TO LEAVE’ if found using Heathrow Airport’s taxi only chargepoints

Taxi charging image credit: LEVC

Heathrow Airport and APCOA Parking have warned private hire drivers and other motorists they will be ASKED TO LEAVE if found using taxi-only electric vehicle chargepoints.

Taxi drivers servicing the capital's airport have grown increasingly frustrated at the amount of vehicles BLOCKING dedicated charging bays provided to the sector.

There are currently seven Rapid Chargepoints (RCP) located within the Heathrow Taxi Feeder Park. The Feeder Park is where licensed taxi drivers head to and wait, before joining taxi ranks located at each of Heathrow’s terminals.

A sign displaying Heathrow Airport and APCOA Parking logos has now been placed on the RCPs, warning private hire drivers and other motorists to not use the chargepoints. The notice says: “These chargers are supplied by TfL for the sole use of black cabs that are registered at the Heathrow Taxi Feeder Park.

“Any vehicle not registered at the park will be asked to leave immediately.”

Mark White, a London taxi driver and trade representative, shared images of the new sign and examples of minicabs incorrectly using the taxi-only plug-in points. White said: “Following complaints from members about PHV’s using EV charge points in the North Taxi Feeder Park, Heathrow have clarified that the points are ‘Taxi Dedicated’ or Black cab Only.”


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