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WATCH: Uber driver causes online stir after claiming to earn ‘between 50 and 100’ thousand pounds

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

A London Uber driver's claim of earning between 50 and 100 thousand pounds annually has caused a stir after they were interviewed for a TikTok channel.

The interviewer, @aydanalsaad, was asking people on the street about their wages when he spoke to the Uber driver, who claimed to have been working for the ride-sharing company for four years. When asked about his earnings, the driver stated his salary range, leading some to doubt his claim.

In the comments section of the TikTok video, some dismissed the driver's assertion. A few said it was unlikely for anyone to make such a high salary as an Uber driver, even with years of experience. One commenter suggested that the driver might be misleading people by giving his gross income before Uber's deduction and other expenses are factored in.

Despite the scepticism, some viewers came to the driver's defence, with one person claiming that they had a friend working at Corporate Uber who said some drivers ‘made over 75k annually’.

The number of hours and days to achieve such a total were not disclosed.

As the video continues to circulate online, it's unclear whether the Uber driver's salary claim is true or not. However, it's certainly sparked a heated debate among viewers of the TikTok channel, showing that the question of how Uber drivers make money remains a controversial and complex issue.


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