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WeFlex and Toyota electrify London's streets with £7 million investment in private hire vehicles

Image credit: WeFlex

WeFlex has partnered with automotive giant Toyota to introduce a fleet of the latest electric vehicles (EVs).

The partnership heralds the arrival of the bZ4X, Toyota's first fully electric vehicle, tailored for Uber drivers and other ride-hailing platforms operating in the capital and boasts over 300 miles of range.

An order of 165 bZ4X vehicles, valued at £7m, is set to hit London's streets. WeFlex's fleet now surpasses 2,300 fully electric vehicles, making it the provider with the broadest range of electric vehicles in the ride-hailing market. This fleet has already covered over 90 million zero-emission miles, preventing more than 15,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The company offers flexible finance plans, enabling ride-hailing drivers to manage their operations more efficiently and move towards owning their vehicles.

The demand for these vehicles is driven by a mix of regulatory pressures for cleaner transport solutions and the economic benefits for drivers switching to EVs. For instance, Uber aims to have a fully electric fleet of 55,000 drivers in London by the end of 2025, a goal that heavily depends on the availability of electric vehicles like those provided by WeFlex and Toyota.

Nicko Williamson, Founder and CEO of WeFlex, said: “WeFlex have worked with Toyota since we launched in 2016. Toyota is a long-standing innovator in the hybrid and electric vehicle space – Prius made today’s market possible. We are excited to see such a positive reception already from our customers for the bZ4X, which is a great vehicle. To significantly reduce vehicle-based carbon emissions, Britain needs more electric vehicles – and the Ride-Hailing industry is a huge part of that, with WeFlex electric vehicles covering 90M miles already and counting! We remain on a mission to ensure that drivers have access to the biggest range of affordable EVs.”


Neil Broad, General Manager One Toyota Fleet Services, said: “WeFlex’s commitment to bZ4X is a valuable seal of approval for the vehicle’s quality and capabilities. Providing smooth and refined performance, spacious accommodation and the well-proven reliability and durability of our electrified vehicle technologies, it is sure to become a popular choice for WeFlex’s customers.”


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