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Welsh black taxi driver slapped with £811 Magistrates fine and costs for faulty headlight and tyre

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Image credit: DVSA Enforcement (Twitter)

A Welsh taxi driver was slapped with a fine and costs totalling over £800 and handed 3 penalty points after being found guilty of a defective headlight and tyre.

The driver of the Peugeot black cab was found guilty at Swansea Magistrates after DVSA Enforcement officers identified the faults.

In a set of images released on social media the DVSA officers compared the correct headlight beam pattern to that of a ‘dim blob’ shown up against a wall facing the vehicle.

Image credit: DVSA Enforcement (Twitter)

Images shared also showed one of the tyres below the minimum legal depth.

A DVSA Enforcement spokesperson said: “A taxi with a defective headlamp & tyres, has been found guilty at Swansea Magistrates court.

“The driver was ordered to pay a fine, costs & victim surcharge of £811 and their driving licence was endorsed with 3 penalty points.

“Always conduct a walk around check.”


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