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West Lothian taxi drivers set for sizeable tariff increase in bid to help cabbies with rising costs

Taxi drivers in West Lothian could be set for an increase in taxi fares as the tariffs charged go under consultation in a bid to help cabbies during the cost of living crisis.

Following a statutory consultation with the local taxi and private hire sector, the council has proposed to increase the current fares and charges that are in place for journeys within West Lothian.

It has been eight years since the maximum drivers can charge passengers has risen.

It has been proposed that the ‘flag fall’, or minimum rate charged to hail a taxi, should rise from £2.60 to £3 on tariff one and rise from £3 to £3.40 on tariff two.

There are also sizeable increases proposed for the distance travelled. Passengers were charged 20p incrementally for every 225 yards, however that is set the charge to every 176 yards.

There are also other change affecting the price when travelling on Christmas Day or New Year, and also slight increases on the cost for addition passengers.

Full details of the proposed changes can be seen at

A West Lothian Council spokesperson said: “We encourage anyone who wishes to make a comment on the proposed new maximum rates for taxi and metered private hire cars to let us know as soon as possible.”

Taxi drivers in neighbouring East Lothian missed out on a vital fare increase after a shocked council failed to receive one fare consultation response from the trade.

Taxi drivers in the region now face a third year of frozen tariffs after all 70 taxi operators contacted directly by the council failed to respond.

The East Lothian Council’s licensing sub-committee were left with little choice but to keep the fares static despite the incredible spike in fuel and living costs over the last 12 months.


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