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West Midlands roadside operation identifies SEVEN private hire vehicles with ‘compliance issues’

Image credit: WMP Traffic

In an enforcement operation dubbed "Operation Advance," West Midlands Police Traffic units took action in the Coventry area, targeting a variety of vehicular compliance issues, including private hire vehicles.

The operation, aimed at enhancing road safety and ensuring the legality of vehicle operation, resulted in a significant number of interventions.

According to a spokesperson from the West Midlands Police Traffic division, the operation saw 28 vehicles pulled over in a comprehensive effort to scrutinise motorist adherence to road safety regulations. Of these, 7 vehicles were immediately prohibited from further travel due to either being dangerously defective or overweight, posing a significant risk to both the driver and the public.

Furthermore, 4 vehicles were seized under the operation's stringent criteria.

A notable aspect of Operation Advance was its focus on the private hire sector. The operation identified 7 private hire vehicles that failed to comply with the required standards, highlighting a concern within this segment of the transport industry.

In addition to vehicle seizures and prohibitions, 14 drivers were reported for various offences and one arrest.

Operation Advance is part of ongoing efforts by West Midlands Police Traffic units to ensure the roads are safe for all users, including pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. The crackdown on non-compliant vehicles, especially within the private hire industry, sends a clear message about the importance of maintaining high safety standards.

A West Midlands Police Traffic spokesperson said via social media: “RHPT in Coventry area for Operation Advance.

“28 vehicles stopped, 7 vehicles prohibited for dangerous defects or for being overweight, 4 vehicles seized, 14 drivers reported for various offences, 7 private hire vehicles with compliance issues and 1 person arrested.”


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