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West Yorkshire Police report HORRENDOUS illegally worn ‘taxi’ tyre to licensing authority

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Image credit: West Yorkshire Police Leeds North West (Facebook)

Police issued tickets after a ‘taxi’ vehicle in West Yorkshire was found to be driving with a horrendous illegally worn tyre.

The white Toyota Auris, possibly a private hire vehicle rather than a licensed hackney taxi, was pulled over on 2 July as part of a local roadside police operation.

In photos shared of the dangerous tyre it shows a slick tyre worn down to, and in some areas through, the cords under the rubber grip on the tyre.

The driver was not allowed to drive any further and tyres were changed at the roadside to prevent any future danger to the driver and passengers.

Details of the incident have been passed onto the relevant licensing authority.

A West Yorkshire Police Leeds North West spokesperson said on social media: “On Saturday 24th July, officers from West Yorkshire Police's Roads Policing Unit were supporting your local NPT officers as part of Operation SPARC.

“Enhanced patrols of Guiseley, Yeadon & Rawdon resulted in a total of 26 drivers either being dealt with via positive action, or educated on safer driving.

“Highlights included a vehicle seized for driving without insurance in Rawdon, an arrest for driving whilst over the prescribed limit (Cannabis) in Yeadon & tickets given to the taxi photographed below due to the dangerous condition of the tyres.

“The vehicle was not allowed to drive any further & officers ensured the tyres were changed at roadside to prevent any danger coming to the driver, prospective passengers or the general public. Enquiries will now be undertaken with taxi licensing.

“Please take 5 minutes to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy, for not just your own safety but those around you.”


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