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What are the top five questions cabbies WANT to hear from passengers?

Image credit: FREENOW

In a recent survey by mobility service provider FREENOW, UK taxi passengers have been identified as the second most sociable in Europe, trailing only behind their Irish counterparts.

This study offers a deep dive into the communicative tendencies of British passengers within the unique ecosystem of taxi travel, marking a significant aspect of the UK's taxi culture.

The survey not only quantifies the sociability of British taxi passengers but also highlights the preferred conversation starters that black cab drivers appreciate. These range from sports affiliations to personal anecdotes, providing a richer understanding of dynamics at play.

Top 5 questions black cab drivers would prefer passengers to ask:

1. What football team do you support?

Drivers enjoy when passengers ask about their football team preferences, potentially sparking lively debates or shared enthusiasms. This question can transform a mundane journey into an animated discussion about recent matches, favourite players, and historical triumphs of various teams.

2. Are you going on holiday?

Queries about upcoming holidays often lead to drivers sharing their own vacation dreams or past adventures. This exchange allows for a momentary escape from the routine of daily life, offering both driver and passenger a glimpse into each other’s aspirations and experiences outside the confines of the cab.

3. Which famous people have you driven before?

Passengers expressing curiosity about any famous individuals the driver might have ferried adds a touch of glamour to the conversation. Tales of chance encounters with celebrities can lend an intriguing and sometimes humorous aspect to the journey, revealing the unexpected link between everyday life and the world of the rich and famous.

4. Do you want a tip for a horse?

A more humorous response on the top 5 list. The chances of a race horse owner or professional tipster entering the cab are slim, and the chances of a tip are even slimmer. Insight into any professional markets and expertise does always raise interest for cabbies though.

5. What part of town are you from?

Inquiring about the driver’s roots fosters a more personal connection, with discussions often revolving around the city's diverse neighbourhoods. This question can lead to exchanges about the changing face of the region, shared haunts, and personal histories tied to the city’s streets.


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