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Wireless taxi charging points being installed in Nottingham with go live date for mid-August

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Image credit: Nottingham City Council

New wireless charging pads are now being installed at Nottingham’s Trent Street rank as a trial of the new technology draws closer in the UK.

Nine converted black cabs will be fitted with wireless charging hardware and allowed access to the 5 charge pads being installed.

These vehicles have been loaned to local drivers for them to experience the technology, while the council and its WiCET project partners closely monitor the trial and take learnings forward to future wireless charging projects.

The trial is set to begin mid-August.

According to Nottingham City Council (NCC), the ability to charge wirelessly has many benefits which they hope to demonstrate throughout the trial. These include:

  • Reducing street clutter – With no cables required and the wireless charging equipment built into the road surface

  • Easy and convenient charging – Drivers will be able to start a charge by driving over the pad without needing to leave their vehicle

  • Time saving – Drivers will be able to charge their taxi at the rank whilst waiting for passengers. Instead of having to leave the rank and charge at a plug-in charger elsewhere in the city.

A NCC Licensing spokesperson said via social media: “Work starts on the Trent St rank next week for up to 6 weeks, installing the wireless charging infrastructure. It is proposed to start live trials from mid-August.”


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