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Wolverhampton Council and Merseyside Police join forces to run checks on PHVs at Reminisce Festival

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Image credit: City of Wolverhampton Council Public Protection

City of Wolverhampton Council Public Protection and Merseyside Police collaborated to ensure safety and compliance among licensed private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers and vehicles at the Reminisce Festival in St. Helens and Liverpool City Centre last night.

In a social media update, the Council's Public Protection division assured the public that all attendees had a great night and would be returning home safely.

Compliance Officers from the City of Wolverhampton Council worked hand-in-hand with Merseyside Police to conduct thorough inspections and checks on drivers and vehicles present at the popular music festival. The joint initiative aimed to maintain high safety standards and ensure that all regulations related to licensing and compliance were adhered to without faults.

City of Wolverhampton Council Public Protection said on social media today: “Compliance Officers are undertaking joint-working with our partners Merseyside Police this evening, ensuring all licensed drivers and vehicles are compliant at the Reminisce Festival, St. Helens and in Liverpool City Centre. All having a great night and getting home safely.”


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