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Wolverhampton Council joins forces for multi-authority PHV checks at Manchester’s Piccadilly Station

Updated: Jun 12

Image credit: City of Wolverhampton Council Licensing

The City of Wolverhampton Council's licensing team joined up with multiple licensing authorities on Saturday night to conduct a series of comprehensive vehicle and driver checks at Piccadilly Train Station.

The operation included the British Transport Police Greater Manchester, Greater Manchester Police Specials, and licensing teams from Sefton and Salford Councils.

A spokesperson for the City of Wolverhampton Council's Licensing division highlighted the importance of the partnership to ensure the safety and compliance of vehicles and drivers operating in and around the station. This initiative forms part of a broader strategy to enhance public safety and maintain high standards within the transport sector.

Details regarding the outcomes of these checks were not disclosed, but several images of private hire vehicles (PHV) undergoing checks were shared online.

This operation serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts by licensing councils working outside of their areas to check ‘out-of-town’ drivers. A number of licensing authorities are now working together on joint operations to tackle issues that span multiple jurisdictions due to cross-border licensing rules.

A City of Wolverhampton Council Licensing spokesperson said on Saturday night: “Tonight, compliance teamed up with British Transport Police Greater Manchester, Greater Manchester Police Specials and licensing colleagues at Sefton and Salford Council’s at Piccadilly Train Station to conduct thorough vehicle and driver checks.”


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