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Wolverhampton Licensing teams up with West Midlands Police to ensure PHVs only take pre-booked rides

Image credit: City of Wolverhampton Licensing and Trading Standards

The City of Wolverhampton Licensing team collaborated with the West Midlands Police on Friday night as part of ‘Operation Trojan’.

The joint operation aimed to enforce strict compliance measures and prevent unauthorised journeys in private hire vehicles (PHV) within the surrounding West Midlands areas.

Taking to social media, the City of Wolverhampton Licensing team announced their participation in the operation, stating: "Op Trojan: Wolverhampton compliance team with West Midlands Police ensuring private hire vehicles are only taking booked journeys."

As part of Operation Trojan, Licensing officers from the City of Wolverhampton worked alongside West Midlands Police officers to conduct thorough spot checks and inspections of private hire vehicles. Their primary objective was to ensure that these vehicles were only transporting passengers who had pre-booked their journeys, in accordance with licensing regulations.


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