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YouTuber Tom Hutley discusses which days are best to work for a London taxi driver

Updated: Apr 8

Circle image credit: Tom Hutley (YouTube)

Tom Hutley, a London cabbie widely recognised for his insightful commentary on the taxi industry through his YouTube channel "Tom the Taxi Driver", challenges prevailing myths surrounding the most lucrative days for taxi drivers to operate.

Hutley dispels the notion that certain days bring substantially higher earnings for taxi professionals, a belief held by many within the industry.

Contrary to popular assumption, working on what are traditionally viewed as peak times, such as Friday nights or during special events like bad weather or tube strikes, does not guarantee a significant boost in income. Hutley points out that while there is a slight uptick in business, with fares increasing to about 1.2 times their usual rate, this does not translate to dramatically higher earnings.

The increase in demand during these times is often offset by challenges such as heavier traffic and more complicated navigation, factors that can diminish the overall profitability of working these hours. In a surprising twist, Hutley highlights that less conventional times, such as Mondays, might sometimes present better opportunities for taxi drivers. The lighter traffic typical of these periods allows for more efficient passenger transport and can lead to increased tipping, particularly from the regular London commuting crowd.

Hutley’s insights highlight the importance of adopting a more consistent work schedule, emphasising that stability in the taxi profession comes from regular, diversified working days rather than an over-reliance on perceived peak times.

His video may encourage drivers to consider their schedules, suggesting that spreading work evenly across the week could lead to more stable and potentially higher earnings than concentrating efforts solely around traditionally busy periods.


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