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Taxi Maintenance


Not a clue what that light is on your dashboard? Find your taxi handbook here for reference.

TX1/2/4 Tyre Pressure

Rear - 40psi

Front - 35psi (40psi commanly used and recommended)

The TX4 brings a new VM Motori diesel engine meeting the Euro IV emission standard which means a much improved environmental performance. ABS brakes provide increased safety, while the passengers benefit from reduced noise levels.

There are a number of other refinements, such as improved ventilation (with the option of air conditioning), improved intercom system and an interior redesign to give a lighter, brighter ambience.

A major evolution of the TX series, the TXII introduced a number of major improvements. The engine changed to a Ford 2.5 litre unit giving better performance and the suspension was given a major redesign.

At the rear, coil springs were used for the first time on a London taxi. Combined with a new front anti-roll bar this gave passengers a much smoother ride with less roll through corners.


No Handbook

The MCW Metrocab is a taxicab that was manufactured between 1987 and 2000 and as the Metrocab TTT from 2000 to 2006. It was designed and originally produced by the British vehicle manufacturing company Metro Cammell Weymann (MCW), with ownership passing to Reliant in 1989, Hooper in 1991[2] and finally Kamkorp in 2000.


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