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TaxiPoint Health provides health and fitness ideas especially constructed with the working cabbie in mind. We catch up with Glenn Shelford, a fat loss expert based in Herts and North London eager to help cabbies live a more healthy life.


Glenn said: "I’ve been working with city workers, drivers and clients for over 10 years. During that time,  I’ve watched my Dad join the ranks of London’s best, and seen what it did to his health and weight. So, I vowed to help him. 

"Working with my Dad was easily one of the most positive, yet conflicting, experiences I have had. Although I’d done it with countless other people, my Dad had been cracking on regardless and still coming home on a regular basis with a ketchup sandwich (not as bad as it sounded!)."


Read more from Glenn in back editions of TaxiPoint's monthly digital magazine below.


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