TaxiPoint is the UK’s dedicated taxi trade news website. We publish independently and impartially to all corners of the industry.


TaxiPoint went live June 2017 and has already become a vital resource to the trade. A mix of regional, national and global news articles makes us the go to publication for breaking taxi news. Using a vast network of contacts within the industry we are able to deliver a professional and responsible publication for all readers to enjoy.


Whilst we are new in age, we are already big on readers. In 2018 TaxiPoint attracted 212,960 different trade targeted readers, 61,406 users were regular return readers and we amassed a total of 879,238 page views in that time period.

We continue to grow quickly across multiple media streams. We offer our services free of charge via our website, Google News, email subscription and mobile app.


The editorial and writing team, all working taxi drivers, provide professional insight into all news, views and opinions held within the trade. We believe our impartiality is what makes us different and trusted by drivers. TaxiPoint is also the only taxi industry publication to have been accepted on to the Google News network in the world highlighting the exceptional levels of reporting and journalism on the platform.

Perry Richardson, Founder and Chief Editor of TaxiPoint, created the site with the aim to improve communications within what has long been a fragmented industry. We believe TaxiPoint can bridge that gap in the marketplace.

Meet the team

Michael Murphy is a green badge holder in London and has been cabbying since 2010. A passionate taxi driver who keeps close links internationally and closer to home.

Michael specialises in global breaking news aiming to inform and educate.

Perry is a full London taxi driver and completed the Knowledge in 2009. Perry worked in Marketing and Database Management prior to becoming a full time cabbie. With a passion for all things taxi related Perry is keen for all drivers to be heard on a even and impartial playing ground. With an extensive network of contacts within the industry from driver associations to regulators Perry specialises in drawing on new content from all corners of the taxi trade.

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