TaxiPoint is the UK’s leading taxi industry publication across multiple digital platforms. Founded in 2017 by Perry, a London black cab driver, the vision has always been to deliver professional and impartial trade journalism. Michael, also a black cab driver, and Lindsey, a sales and relationship manager, joined the team soon after, and TaxiPoint’s reach and engagement has rapidly grown.

TaxiPoint is completely free of charge to the user and provides readers with daily industry news articles on the website and app, a monthly digital magazine (DigiMag), and email and WhatsApp updates.

Our well-established audience accesses our content via the website and app directly, social media, email and WhatsApp subscriptions, and we are the only industry news source in the world to be Google News, Microsoft News and Apple News approved.

Between 1 November 2020 and 31 October 2021, the TaxiPoint website had over 1.2million different users, of which over 302,000 were returning readers. Those readers amassed 2.1million sessions and 3.7million page views, as we met the demand for digital taxi news.

A mix of regional, national and global articles makes us the go-to publication for instant and reliable news and information. Our responsible approach to trade journalism has generated a growing UK network of sources. From licensing authorities, industry stakeholders, politicians and drivers, the content across our platforms is extensive.

Our policies include:

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