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TaxiPoint has been part of the UK taxi industry since summer 2017 and has become a vital cog in the industry’s communication.

Founded in 2017 by Perry, a London black cab driver, the vision has always been to deliver professional and impartial trade journalism. Lindsey, a sales and relationship manager, joined soon after, as TaxiPoint’s reach and engagement has rapidly grown.

The platform is the most read and trusted news source and takes a neutral stance on all things taxi related.

TaxiPoint delivers both daily news articles and a monthly digital magazine aimed at everyone who works in the trade. From grassroots drivers to policy makers and large company CEO’s. Our impartial stance allows a true reflection on current issues impacting the sector.

TaxiPoint’s daily news site is unique to other blogs or journals offered. Our content can be found on mainstream news aggregators like Apple News, Google News and News Now. We are the only industry news source in the world to be indexed on these aggregators.

Our content is also licensed by Newstex which allows aggregation on professional databases such as Thomson Reuters, Moody’s and Westlaw. We are the trusted and quoted journal for the taxi industry.

TaxiPoint also delivers a monthly digital magazine to tens of thousands of readers. The much read copy offers exclusive stakeholder Q&A’s, opinion and analysis on all taxi topics. The magazine is widely read and has been accepted on to global newsstands like PressReader and Magzter.

Founder Perry Richardson is an experienced digital publisher and owns further taxi news title Your London Taxi, wish focuses on building a London based community and also First Look Golf.

Our policies include:

Fact-Checker Policy | Ethics Policy | Corrections Policy | Ownership & funding information | Privacy Policy

TaxiPoint Founder and Editor:

Perry Richardson

TaxiPoint Partner & Advertising Manager:

Lindsey Richardson

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