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Taxi Etiquette

Whether you're new to the trade or a seasoned pro, learning and respecting the etiquette amongst cabbies is vital. Here's a brief list explaining what is and isn't expected in the cabbie code of etiquette:



Overtake or undertake an empty for hire taxi and take the first available job.


Take the first job when an available cab has let you out of a road.


Set down on the front of a rank and take the first job if taxi for hire are available behind you.


Pick up within sight of an established working rank with taxis available for hire (except disabled).


Broom or push a job either on the street or on a rank to other drivers. Take the rough with the smooth.


Drop off and pick up whilst blocking taxis behind that are for hire. Once you pull away, let them pass you. If a customer walks up to you and wants to get in, send them to the taxi behind. 


Assume ranks are just linked to the establishment they are outside. They are all just ranks, and therefore the driver on point should get the first job within approx 100ft.


Always drive on the inside lane unless you are turning right at the next junction. Drivers will then have a clearer understanding of who is plying for hire.


Always try to keep a clean cab and tidy appearance. Vests were not appropriate on the Knowledge and neither in a professional taxi trade.


Pick up on feeder ranks. They are ranks in their own right. If a job approaches you and you are at the front of a feeder, it's yours.

If you can think of any more to add to the list please email us at:

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