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  • Has the battery got to be like on empty before you charge it? ​
    You can charge the battery to full capacity in anyway you choose to, the battery does not need to be depleted to recharge. However, LEVC recommend you use every drop of energy available in the battery before recharging to get the best out of your TX taxi.
  • Will I need to replace the battery, if so how much would it cost?"
    According to LEVC the new TX’s battery incorporates state of the art cell technology. Small improvements to battery technology will be out-paced by the growing availability of rapid charging infrastructure, so for the mid-term they don't anticipate developing any significant improvements to the electric range. The battery is designed to last the life of the vehicle, 15 years+, and the results of LEVC rigorous testing and development programme are exceeding their expectations. The battery is currently covered by a 5-year warranty to provide drivers with the re-assurance they need over the initial finance period. In terms of cost, LEVC state that with all developing technologies, prices drop over time. For that reason LEVC don't speculate on what the cost of replacing would be in 5, 10 or 15 years’ time.
  • Does the battery catch fire in a crash?
    LEVC say its TX battery is protected against extreme heat by a tough metal casing. In an event of an accident, the automatic safety systems will completely disable all high voltage hazards in under a second of an impact being detected, preventing any electrical fault from creating a risk of fire.
  • How much is road tax for electric taxis?
    Road tax for electric taxis is £140 per year. However, thanks to lobbying from LEVC and the LTDA there was a change to the rules around VED. On the 6th March 2018 the industry received a boost to go green when a tax exemption for electrically driven taxis came into force. The exemption, worth £1,550 to cabbies, applies to new cabs purchased from April 2018 onwards.
  • Would it save much battery if you turned the lights and radio off during the day?
    The saving would be so minimal it would be unnoticeable. Just as in a conventional petrol or diesel vehicle, by having the lights on you wouldn't notice a change in fuel mpg, the same is true here with any EV and battery range.
  • How was the official electric range for the LEVC TX calculated? Was it on a straight run, with or without traffic, lights and heating on?"
    The WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure)​ test is the official standard all European car manufacturers are obliged to follow when publishing range, fuel economy and emissions data. The tests are intended to provide repeatable, consistent figures for comparison and are therefore generally performed on a dynamometer. However, it is widely recognised that these can be difficult to achieve in ‘real-world’ driving. As a result of this, LEVC state the official electric-only range of a TX as 81 miles, but have chosen to use a more representative figure of 64 miles when calculating and presenting fuel costs in itsmarketing literature.
  • Does the LEVC TX petrol range-extender connect to the electric motor or does it charge the batteries to operate the electric motor?
    TX is powered by an electric motor that drives the rear wheels, the range-extender supports the electric motor to remove any range-anxiety. There is no mechanical connection between the range-extender & the wheels, it is there to maintain the charge in the battery pack if & when required.
  • Why does the electric range differ if I use an on-street rapid charger and my 7kW home charger?
    This is because the range forecast is based on the temperature of the battery and a warmer battery operates more efficiently. When charging on-street the battery is warmer, because the vehicle has been in use. When charging at home, set the pre-conditioning to help everything warm up before you hit the road to maximise your range.
  • Is it possible to add 3rd party apps to the touch screen console in TX?
    To protect the interface LEVC control what can be installed, as untested apps can interfere with the existing functions. At this moment in time 3rd party apps from the App Store or Google Store aren't compatible with the touch screen console.

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