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10 minute Uber trip costs nearly £40 after driver goes in the wrong direction

Image credit: Twitter-@jamesstacey92

An Uber account holder has been left shocked after a trip which should have taken 10 minutes ended up costing £39.38, after the driver appeared to go in the completely opposite direction to the destination before doubling back.

James, who posted the astonishing route on his Twitter account, said: "Uber support: A journey that was supposed to cost £10, and take 10 mins??? Can you sort this out please!"

James said he ordered the Uber for a friend who was not from the area. After receiving confirmation that the journey had been completed, he noticed the route which had been taken.

James went on to add: "I'm laughing at my own stupidity. Long live the black cabs."

Looking at the route marked up on a photo supplied by James, it appears that the journey starts in the Thorpe Lea / Staines-upon-Thames area and goes to South Side of Heathrow airport.

The driver can be seen heading east along the A308 before heading south and back around towards the west before heading in the correct direction north to the final destination.

Uber have confirmed that they are investigating the journey.


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