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11 taxis and PHVs SUSPENDED for defects of a ‘significant nature’ during York spot checks

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Image credit: North Yorkshire Police

North Yorkshire Police has worked with partner agencies on a special operation to ensure that taxis in the City of York are mechanically satisfactory and are legal to be on the road.

On Saturday night officers from the city centre policing team worked with the Special Constabulary and roads policing officers on “Operation Edge”. Key partners which included the City of York council and the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) also took part in the operation.

Officers patrolled the city centre in marked police vehicles looking for taxis that didn’t have passengers on board. The taxi was then requested to stop and follow the police vehicle to a specialist bay. Checks were then made by the police and partner agencies to ensure that the vehicle was legal to be on the road and mechanically safe.

The operation identified several taxis which were found to have various faults of which prompt action was taken. In total, 31 vehicles were inspected and of those:

  • 11 vehicles were suspended for defects of a significant nature.

  • 2 vehicles were issued with rectification notices issued for minor defects.

  • 3 advisory notices were issued for minor breaches in conditions.

  • 15 vehicles were satisfactory.

PC Dave Ellison, from North Yorkshire Police, said: “I am grateful to the partner agencies who assisted us with this operation which enabled us to engage with taxi drivers in the City of York.

“We were successful in identifying several taxis which had faults. These included dangerous tyres and faulty suspensions.

“Some of these vehicles could have caused a serious road traffic collision if they had continued to operate.

“Members of the public who choose to use and pay for a taxi expect the vehicle to be safe.

“This operation sends out a clear message to taxi drivers to ensure that vehicles are maintained so they are fit for purpose and legal to be on the road.”


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