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12 London PHV drivers were SUCCESSFULLY PROSECUTED for refusing to take guide dogs in 2021

A total of 12 London licensed private hire drivers were successfully prosecuted in 2021 for refusing to take a guide dog, latest figures have shown.

Figures from the Department for Transport, which were obtained by a source close to TaxiPoint, show that the number of successful prosecutions is up on last year's figures.

In 2020 a total of 8 private hire drivers were successfully prosecuted for the offence, 4 less than this year's latest figures.

A total of £4,170 was accumulated in the way of fines from those drivers found guilty of the offence, with a total of £4,140 rewarded to Transport for London to cover the costs of the prosecution procedure in 2021. £850 worth of compensation was also paid to the victims of the offence.

Taxi and private hire drivers are legally required to take assistance dogs unless they have proof of exemption. If a driver is found to have refused to accept a fare from a passenger who is accompanied by an assistance dog, they can be prosecuted by their respective licensing authority.

If found guilty, drivers can face large fines as well as having their licence to operate revoked.

The largest number of offenders in recent years came in 2019 when a total of 28 London licensed private hire drivers were successfully prosecuted. These prosecutions generated £8,811 in the way of fines and £16,361 in the way of costs awarded to TfL.


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