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£2.67-A-LITRE! London petrol station sold out of petrol despite high prices

A petrol station in London was selling fuel at £2.67-a-litre, nearly double the average price for fuel elsewhere in the UK, as the ongoing fuel crisis hits taxi drivers and other motorists dependent on fuel hard.

The ridiculously high price for unleaded fuel was captured in an image shared on social media of Friday 1 October.

The price didn’t stop motorists filling up, with the image shared showing one motorist spending a whopping £164.97 to fill up at the Cloister Gulf petrol forecourt in Chelsea.

The fuel station later sold out, as news of continued shortages circulated the capital.

With drivers having endured a summer where pump prices have already been around 20p per litre higher than last year, the average price of a litre of unleaded in August sat at £1.35, with diesel costing £1.37 on average respectively.

Julian Wheatland, Chief Executive at Cornerstone, shared the image showing the cost of Cloister Gulf’s petrol saying: “Price gouging is alive and kicking at Gulf Oil International at Chelsea Cloisters, London.

“£2.67 per litre - how synical can you get?”


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