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The evil men do

They say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Corruption comes in many forms, whether it be financial gain, nepotism or reciprocal back-scratching it is a scourge on those who strive for honesty, an evil in our midst, however it is sometimes a necessary evil for the greater good. The good that men do is oft interred with their bones, the evil that men do lives on. Team Cameron on the surface seem to have used both the aforementioned nepotism and possibly reciprocal back-scratching to achieve some sort of ends that I cannot definitively fathom out as yet although I do have a theory. It is stated in the Daily Mail that Uber was being used as a trojan horse in relation to Brexit and influencing the remain camp. I have no doubt that this was the case, however Uber have had an operators license for around 5 years, thus pre-dating the Brexit issue. I have no doubt that we are seen as nothing more than collatoral damage to Cameron and his cronies, I would suggest that the Licensed Taxi Industry is seen as a little innoccuous to some with no real clout. Therefore why would Cameron, Osborne et-al try and destroy our industry.....the answer is simple, we were never the target, we were just in the way. The real target is the most important commodity on the planet right now.....Data. if you can track individuals, harvest their personal details, invade a persons very existence then you have power beyond compare, you can both subliminally and overtly control an individuals entire a nutshell you can feed people crap and make them eat it......and they will thank ýou for it. Make no mistake if it wasn't Uber it would be another tech company with wide reaching tentacles. The transport industry is nothing more than a smokescreen for Uber, market something well, convince the little man that life cannot exist without the emperors new clothes......and in the meantime strip down every aspect of your existence and replicate it onto a hard-drive so as to reduce the average human being down to nothing more than an algorithm. Cameron has allegedly committed an act of treachery against Great Britain, he has allowed a foreign firm with questionable ethics and a penchant for possible subterfuge to allegedly undermine the very fabric of democracy, invade the very psyche of the British public, manipulate the media to the point of disrepute and potentially cause the collapse of at least 1 major industry along with businesses periphal to that industry......Heres the rub, if it wasn't Cameron then it wouldve been somebody else within our government because as I stated earlier data is the most valuable commodity in the world. This wasnt a necessary evil for the greater good, this was just plain evil full stop. Despite several newspapers revealing what we knew at least 2 years ago i expect to see no change whatsoever and the status quo to remain because Pandoras Box has been open far too long to actively be closed. All that we can do is manage a bad situation. I anticipate that Uber will be re-licensed in May, a number of their drivers will fall away and a level will be found. All we can do is make sure that we operate to the best of our ability and that Ubers drivers continue to demonstrate that you cannot make a sill purse out of a sows ear. Lets be careful out there and keep those doors locked. 

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