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Changes to the junction of Farringdon Street and West Smithfield

Between 2 November and 13 December 2016, TfL consulted on further proposed changes to the junction of Farringdon Street / West Smithfield / Snow Hill as part of North-South Cycle Superhighway (CS6). The consultation received a total of 815 responses to the consultation, of which 508 (62 per cent) supported or strongly supported the proposals and 293 (36 per cent) opposed or strongly opposed the proposals. The key themes that emerged from consultation included:

· Benefits of the scheme for cycling, including safety improvements compared to the existing road layout · Concerns regarding increases in congestion or journey times on local roads or generally for motor vehicles · Concerns about existing conflicts between cyclists and motorists due to cyclists mixing with motor traffic, motorists blocking cyclists or motor vehicle speed Having considered the responses and following further investigations, we intend to proceed with the scheme, although with some minor changes to the design we consulted on. 

These include:

· Changes to loading / taxi / disabled bay designation and timings · Changes to cycle facilities including splitting the Advanced Stop Line on Snow Hill and shortening the southbound segregation on Farringdon Street to accommodate large vehicles turning · Adding hatched road markings and an additional traffic island on Farringdon Street Subject to the formal Traffic Order process and the approval of the City of London Corporation, the London transport regulator aims to start constructing some sections of the route in autumn 2017, with completion planned for 2018. TfL will write to local residents, businesses and other stakeholders before undertaking work in their area. They will also provide road traffic information to help people better plan their journeys and make informed choices about how, where and when they travel. More details about the scheme, the consultation report and the response to issues raised are available at

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