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Org for one, and one for org

Today was not about any individual Org, it was about US, the drivers who have traded blood, sweat and tears to wear the Coveted Green badge with honour and pride. It was a great turnout but was still only 30/40% of the trade. I personally stood with pride alongside all of you regardless of which org, if any, you represent. Sorry let me rephrase that.. Which org represents YOU. Don't forget that. Their job is to represent you and to serve your needs within the trade. We all know the ongoing conflicts between some of the orgs and I'm sure, like me, you're all pretty sick of it. Do these people have any idea of the power that we would have as a United force! The fact that they refuse to work together serves very little purpose to our cause. But who does it turn to now?...... You! Whether you're a member of the LTDA, the LCDC, the UCG, the RMT or bloody MTV, its time to make sure you're being heard. It's time you took 30 minutes out of your day and contact your org through letter, and request that they put their self centered egos to one side and do what every single one of us would want, and show unity. Don't just stand by and watch as the fragmented trade collapses around you. I personally have taken a step back and have had a good look at the GMB. A huge union that has some serious weight behind them. I understand that for some, it's not even an option, considering they also represent PHV, but if our own orgs refuse to do whats best for the trade then all options must be evaluated. All orgs and unions are nothing without it's members. You hold the key to the trades future. I hope you really take a moment to realise that. Even if you're not currently a member, you can still write to all of them demanding unity and in return you will be happy to sign up. The balls in your court lads and laddets, give it a good wallop! 

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