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Do you feel the need for speed?


Greetings peasants, serfs and those who aren't sure of their place in life, I am sure that you have read many articles on the pitfalls of speeding and how inappropriate speed can kill, well those good people within government have changed the way as to how speeding fines are enforced. This change in enforcement protocol occurred on April 24th and there is still a lot of confusion regarding this issue so here is a link from those marvellous people at the RAC explaining how the new protocol works. Assuming that you have been able to get out of first gear and have been caught overtaking a tricycle with a fixed wheel and no saddle then this is definitely worth reading.

Remember, if you are travelling over 3 mph on any road in London then it is a legal requirement to have an Edwardian gentleman with a flag walking in front of your vehicle so as to prevent you from speeding. Happy driving

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