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Exclusive: Every little helps, Tesco linking with Uber?

It wasn't so long ago that Tesco was

on the verge of becoming one of the most powerful companies in the UK, the potential was there to be globally influential and eventually have the power to take on mega-corporations such as Walmart. This was summirarily consigned to the realms of wishful thinking as the supermarket chain posted the worst economic results in British retail history at an enormous £6.4billion just a couple of years ago. Moving forward in time, Tescos fortunes have improved significantly, given the stiff competition from Aldi and Lidl to name but two, this is nothing short of a minor miracle. It is always heartening to see a quintessentially English company not just surviving but turning the proverbial stricken ship around to safety. Today however I learned of a rather disturbing development, It has been revealed to me by sources that Tesco are allegedly going into a partnership with Two companies. One of those companies is alledgely, the other allegedly is.....Uber I have been reliably informed by the sources that the partnership will be linked to Tescos Clubcard. I am led to believe that any points gleaned from using your Clubcard can be redeemed against future hotel bookings and Uber rides. I shall be approaching Tesco CEO Dave Lewis for a comment and clarification in due course. I have also been informed that Tesco have allegedly claimed to have completed their due diligence, this however seems highly questionable given the fact that Transport for London have issued Uber with nothing more than a four month license at the moment. This means that four questions arise, the first one being did Tesco really do their due dilligence? The second question that must be asked is does this mean that Tesco are comfortable with the eye-watering numbers of alleged and proven assaults, both sexual and non-sexual? Are Tesco also comfortable with Ubers questionable reputation and the allegations that a proportion of it's drivers may not be fully insured for Hire and Reward as well has having serious issues surrounding their topographical knowledge, driving ability and potential alleged DBS flaws. Finally does this potential partnership mean that Uber already know the outcome of its license renewal after the Four month extension expires. This situation is not only worrying for the licensed Taxi industry in London but should be concerning the Taxi industry across the UK as this will have a national effect. Until we have a full clarification and a response from Matt Davies this ball is very much up in the air as to how the Taxi industry will respond to this allegation. The worst case scenario for Tesco other than the adverse publicity that has been following Uber around like a bad smell rubbing off on them is that nationally a massive ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND Taxi drivers and their families as well as those on the periphery of the industry could end up boycotting Tesco. If the average shopping bill is around £100 per week then just based on One Hundred Thousand families alone the yearly figure would equate to a whopping HALF A BILLION POUNDS. The Taxi industry both Londonwide and Nationwide has to now mobilise and lobby Tesco virulently to make sure that Tescos CEO is FULLY aware of both the situation and their responsibilities to the public. Tesco need to make a FULLY INFORMED decision if this allegation is true as to whether they wish to dance with the devil because eventually given the current feeling surrounding Uber they could end up paying a rather heavy price to the piper long-term. 

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