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Anyone up for a bit of 4play?

With the news filtering through of ubers licence only being renewed for a further 4 months, you may be forgiven if a rush of blood made its way to an area of your body that you forgot even existed. The reality is; this is most likely a little 4play between two lovebirds who have spent the last 5 years getting up to dirty antics down a seedy back alley in and around the Westminster postcode. Uber forced themselves onto TFL with brute force, allegedly impregnating them with thick bulging brown envelopes. The results; The birth of tens of thousands of little baby prius's who torment the streets of London and beyond. This to me is simply a bridging loan while the powers that be get their papers in order, ready for the final push to rid London of all competition. There's a number of speculations that are floating around; Are Uber waiting to see the outcome of their 'drivers rights' case? Are TFL waiting to re-licence Uber at a cost north of £2 million? Are all parties waiting for the elections to pass? We can all speculate, but the truth is none of us know for certain, but from experience, I for one do not trust this for a single second.  We all know that if Uber thought there was even a 1% chance of having their licence revoked they would of been seen actively and publicly throwing their dummy out the pram. Not a dicky bird has been heard. The silence is deafening. While we sit blinkered in our Taxis, Uber and TFL are preparing the final nails. We have 4 months to pull together as a trade and show unity. It seems no matter how many times one of us says it, not many listen. Everyone MUST contact their orgs and demand extreme pressure to be put on TFL and the mayor of London to act now. Everyone MUST report any illegal acts, dangerous driving, and accidents involving Uber drivers to TFL. You can do this by simply using the Taxipoint apps direct link to TFL. The more we bombard them with, the less chance they can ignore us. Everyone MUST attend any demos that have or will be called. Strength in numbers should not be underestimated. Please please, let's not sit back and watch this top shelf vile act of 4play slowly evolve into a full blown public blue movie. I mean, really.... Is there anyone who wants to watch Leon and Travis make out on the bonnet of a badly dented prius?  Under one, maybe, but definitely not on top of one. 

This is just a personal opinion and of course I could be way off track. But who could blame me for thinking this way? Maybe the last 5 years has just simply turned me bonkers! 

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