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So a month into relaunching TaxiPoint and we've made our first big breakthrough. The recently uncovered Tesco / Uber partnership was brought to you by TaxiPoint editor Steve Kenton and shared in the mainstream media.  

We want to achieve this more regularly, but need you to play your part too. Here's how it was achieved... 

- Well written and informative story. 

- Enhanced SEO news feature on TaxiPoint. This means the story has more chance appearing on news searches.

- Traffic. The number of article views pushes the SEO criteria higher.

We can highlight issues facing the trade not only internally, but also externally to the general public. So please download the FREE app and help us generate the traffic to push articles into the hands of the mainstream more often. Over 700 have already downloaded the app since its launch a month ago, but we need more to achieve more. 

Thank you and be lucky! 

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