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Uber are about to compete against their own low cost creation

It has been a mad week trying to keep up-to-date with all the news stories surrounding Uber and their apparent demise. However, TaxiPoint have found that two key topics have kept appearing in regards to what they need to do next to survive. Focus on minicabs only. The first is a fairly wishy-washy one from a taxi trade perspective. With so much emphasis on leading the charge to deliver driverless cars the short time goals have fallen to the wayside. This venture has however cost them hundreds of millions to chase and probably their biggest lawsuit to date with Waymo (Google) still on going. Chasing the driverless fleet dream does not look like it will be a reality any time soon. 

Rise in fares Now this is the big one! It is widely regarded that Uber customers use the service for one reason only. Price. By raising the cost of fares it's one redeeming feature diminishes. It would be like a sweet shop removing the sweets. If prices were to raise and go above the levels of competition, they would be pitching their services against arguably a better and more established taxi and private hire market. They could claim they are more tech advanced than others, but this would be wrong as others offer car hailing services and all the tech trimmings now. Their PR team might say that their fleet of drivers and cars are more advanced than others. I mean, how would people get from A to B without access to a car USB port and a mint imperial?! We all know they can't compete with the iconic taxi trade with it's unrivalled local knowledge and vehicle, but they also can't come close to the private hire drivers whom work for operators that require a higher standard to entice customers away from the price sensitive market. Uber are about to compete against their own low cost creation and it doesn't look good on their part.  

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