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Who's ready for the electric taxi?

After dropping a customer in deepest darkest Dalston I was greeted with the welcome ringing of app bells. 

I was directed to a pick up on Dalston Lane where I found a young gentleman outside the new Sherbet taxi garage waiting by the name of Eden. We got talking and Eden was in fact one of the mechanics at the garage. We were casually talking about each other's day, when I decided to broach the subject of the new electric taxi. It's widely regarded that Sherbet's fleet of vehicles are at the higher end in terms of the technology available to its drivers with wifi often included on the vehicles. So did this well known fleet feel confident about the new electric taxis coming to our streets? Not as it stands by the sounds of it and who can blame them. The young mechanic, whilst confident he could learn quickly, had never seen either the new TX5 or Nissan taxi. This is the same for all garages who are unable to gear up for what is still an unknown entity. Reports are circulating that each garage would need to spend approx £80,000 on new tools and materials to service the new technology. With that extra cost in mind, the customer is sure to feel a rise in costs too. It's not just garages that have been left in the dark. The price is still unknown. The reliability is unknown. The battery is a mammoth unknown. We wait with baited breath for more information on two vehicles central to our trade future. I must also add one more thing, Eden was a credit to the trade and his garage. Our plight and future does not just focus on drivers, but also young men like Eden. Fully supportive of us and grateful for his chance to forge a career in our sector we learn and go about our business together. 

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