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TaxiPoint Remembers

Today marks the 12th anniversary of the tragic events that took place on the 7th July 2005. A day when the heart of the United Kingdom was momentarily flat lined by a group of men who despised our way of life. 

A synchronised assault on innocent people going about their day left us in deep mourning. But like this country has done many-a-times, we pulled together to rise above the terror, unite, and show the world that we will not be scared into submission. 

Lives were lost, and many lives were changed forever, and TaxiPoint wanted to take a moment to show our deep sorrow and support to all those who were caught up in this atrocity. 

The emergency services were absolutely phenomenal and of course the cities 4th emergency service stepped up and did all they could. For that, we want to say thank you. 

When you learn of wives losing husbands, husbands losing wives, children losing parent's and the most heartbreaking thing; parent's losing their children, all other problems suddenly become insignificant. 

Life is terribly short at the best of times, so to have to deal with such tragedy is a testament to the strength of the human character. 

Today, TaxiPoint would like to offer our deep condolences to the victims and their families. Today is your day. 

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