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TaxiPoint review: the new TX eCity

The London Taxi Company are anticipating a ‘strong’ demand for its new electric taxi despite failing to release its retail price to its customers.

The iconic taxi manufacturer revealed the new TX eCity design in London today.

So what's new? The big change focuses upon losing the diesel engine and re-placing it with a 1.3-litre range extending petrol engine, batteries and an electric motor for a total range of 400 miles, and over 70 miles on electric power alone. Figures based on an average cab driver running 120 miles a day, could mean a saving of £100 per week on fuel. This figure could possibly rise further if drivers make use of a 45-minute charge via one of 300 taxi-specific fast chargers planned for London in late 2018.

The latest design keeps all the iconic charms you would expect from a black cab, but also includes many more welcome and modern features to satisfy driver and customer alike.

The TX eCity adds in an extra flip down seat in the back making it competitive with both the respective Mercedes and Nissan taxis. There's a large panoramic roof for you to keep clean and a reliable Volvo switchgear for the driver to enjoy. The dashboard includes the Volvo's portrait touch screen too. USB charging sockets and free wi-fi are also available as an option.

What's the price? They still haven't announced the price. A LTC representative said they don't want to take the attention away from the product by talking prices at this stage and that interested customers will be invited to an event in early August where finally the secret will be revealed.

If the price is right, it could be a winner.

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