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Cabbies up in arms over picture despite Mayor's positive approach to taxis.

(Image used by TfL containing no taxis)

London taxi drivers took to social media claiming artwork attached to the London Mayor's Transport Strategy depicted the TfL agenda and future of the trade.

The picture shows no taxis in the image which riled a section of drivers who assume TfL no longer saw black cabs as a future mode of transport. 

The picture in question was used as a header on an email and web page asking for the public to take a survey on the draft proposals. However the image is just a snippet of a larger scale image as seen below. The larger image does have a taxi included.

This backlash comes despite very positive policies and proposals centred around capping private hire numbers and eliminating cross border hiring in the original draft document. 

Policy 18

The Mayor, through TfL, will seek to ensure London has a safe, secure, accessible, world-class taxi and private hire service with opportunity for all providers to flourish.

Proposal 73 

The Mayor, through TfL, will seek: 

a) Powers to limit the overall number of private hire vehicles licensed for use in London so as to manage their contribution to overall congestion, particularly in central London. 

b) Powers to introduce a requirement to ensure that taxi and private hire journeys by TfL-licensed drivers must either start or end in the Greater London area.

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