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Bank Junction proving to be costly for drivers

It has emerged that taxi drivers in London are receiving penalty charge notices on the back of poor signage and bad information in relation to the new Bank Junction road closures. Whilst taxi drivers have steered clear of crossing the junction itself, the City of London Corporation failed to adequately publicise the no entry from Leadenhall Street in to Cornhill on its periphery. Marc Turner, a well-known trade activist in London, was one of the drivers to receive a fine. Mr Turner is however encouraging others to appeal the charge citing a post on Twitter the Corporation sent giving wrong information.

Access into Cornhill is only available via a sharp left from Threadneedle Street. Do not enter from the east via Leadenhall Street. This is the latest development on what has been a controversial few months following the closure to taxis and the public. The regulator Transport for London and the local authority stated safety as the reason for the change in access despite allowing buses to carry on using the junction. However, when you take into account a shocking 25 deaths in just two years involving London's buses, questions have now been raised whether the closure was actually anything to do with safety. 

Have you received a fine for Bank Junction? Comment below and use the tweet to make an appeal! 

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