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Dribble launches fantasy football partnership with mytaxi

London taxi hailing app mytaxi has named Dribble, the UK’s leading daily fantasy football betting game, as it’s exclusive 2017 / 2018 fantasy football partner. The partnership will see mytaxi push Dribble to it’s network of 16,000 London cab drivers. Drivers will be entered into their own mytaxi branded league on Dribble where they can compete against each other to win money every game day. Dribble offers 1v1 Drafts against the clock with no budget where users pick a 5-aside team. They also offer smaller Dream Team games. On any game day simply choose your bet amount, enter an Draft or Dream Team & let Dribble match you up to start building your team.  

Dribble brings daily fantasy football to the cab trade

Nicholas Wright, co-founder of Dribble explains: “The quick & simple nature of Dribble is perfect for the London cab driver. We found many cabbies are keen to play fantasy football, but don’t have the time to build & manage a team for a whole season. Most are working on weekends when the games are live.” “The cabbies already using Dribble told us they love a bet every now & then, so being able to pull their phones out for five minutes while they wait at a rank to build a fantasy football team & lay a bet down at the same time”, continues Nicholas. Dribble also adds the points of a user’s five highest scoring lineups every month to determine their position on the mytaxi leaderboard, and mytaxi will be awarding cash prizes split between the top five cabbies on their leaderboard every month. Finally, London cab drivers will have somewhere where they can exclusively play each other at fantasy football. 

Dribble is available now for download on the iOS App Store. Enter code: “mytaxi” to enter the mytaxi league. Top 5 players each month win a cash prize sponsored by mytaxi. 

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