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Cabbies have played their part in 'Cycling Utopia', now it's up to the cyclists

If you listen to some cyclists you would be excused in thinking they were the victims of trying to promote a life free of danger, pollution and congestion. At TaxiPoint we call it "Cycling Utopia".   

I'm sure you've all seen the mock drawings of Cycling Utopia. The Embankment is flowing with just two vehicles, smiling drivers waving to the cyclists on a hot summers day, bikes waiting at red lights whilst the happy old dear crosses the road clutching her mocca-frappo-caramel-chino. 

Sadly the reality is very different. For example, a case is currently being heard in court where an accused reckless cyclist by the name of Charlie Alliston, tragicly hit and killed a pedestrian on Old Street in London.

For those unaware of the case, Mr Alliston was cycling at 18mph on a racing bike that had no front brakes. Racing bikes are popular in London, especially amongst couriers. They are easily recognisable via their lightweights frame and fixed gear system. 

Mr Alliston went on to hit Kim Briggs who was crossing Old Street back in February 2016 and later died in hospital from the injuries sustained. The prosecution say the crash could have been avoided if a front brake had been fitted. Something Mr Alliston denies. You can follow the trial via the BBC News source.

For years the motorist, especially the highly regulated taxi trade, has come under attack by various cycling lobbying groups often producing the victim card. This card seems to trump common sense meaning the motorist is always the one that needs to change the way they operate. Just some of the taxi trade accusations include being filthy pollutants, dangerous and the cause of congestion in the capital.

Trump card slapped in our faces, the taxi trade and other road users were largely ignored whilst poorly executed cycle lanes ate into an already over stretched road network. Road users watch on, procrastinating in ever growing traffic, as bikes fly through red lights at busy junctions and pedestrian crossings. Cyclists and drivers do wave at each other, but it's usually with a solitary middle finger.

But it's all in the name of Cycling Utopia so it's ok... right?

The motorist has been pushed to the limits now. Emission free is coming in, we've given up road space for cyclists, we are trained and insured. Surely its now time for the cyclist to adapt to the road networks put in place for them. It's their turn to play their part in achieving this idealistic view of the capital.  

Make cyclists accountable

As proven they can kill and injure members of the public. They also cause damage to other vehicles using the same roads as them.

So why are cyclists still the only road users to not require insurance, training and a licence?

Mandatory segregation

If a road has a cycle lane present, the cyclist must use it. We live in a world of equality so if the motorist can't use the cycle lane the same precedent should be set for the cyclist.

Motorists are not asking for the world. Just a bit of equality and common sense. 

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