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Terror for London

Last night a sword wielding terrorist attacked two police officers after attempting to drive his vehicle at them. The officers suffered minor injuries and the attacker is now in custody. The vehicle, a Toyota Prius, the same model which has become increasingly popular with drivers of ride sharing app Uber, was carrying Transport for London private hire vehicle roundals. It is yet to be established as to whether the driver himself was a PHV driver. With the U.K. and London in particular, suffering a number of terrorist attacks in the last 12 months, shouldn't we all be doing a bit more to maintain and improve our national security? In this particular instance we ask; should TFL be doing more to ensure any person looking to obtain a PHV licence is taken through an in-depth screening process? The current simplicity in obtaining a PHV licence has become an ever increasing worry. There have been unconfirmed reports in the past regarding PHV drivers carrying weapons in their vehicles and now we have witnessed this latest major incident. How difficult, or should I say 'How easy ' would it be for a group of potential terrorists to obtain a PHV licence and slip past security at Canary Wharf?  

It's now up to Transport for London as well as the Government to show a real statement of intent in combating the threat of terrorism by curtailing the ease with which a private hire vehicle licence and a private hire drivers licence can be obtained. The collective burying of heads in the sand at TfL as well as alledged statistic manipulation and general grim denial must cease fortwith so as to protect the public.

We ask those at TFL; WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

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