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Who are TaxiPoint?

With TaxiPoint rapidly growing week on week, we are quite rightly starting to get questions in regards to who's behind it and what we're all about. Being a transparent publication for the taxi trade we are only too happy to explain more. With over 11,000 different users in the past 30 days and a reach of 17,000 each week on Facebook alone, we are fast approaching some of the big hitters like LTDA who claim to have a readership of 15,000 each publication. When you think we've only been live since February 2017 you can see rapid early growth.  

TaxiPoint is run by three editors who are also London taxi drivers. You probably haven't heard much about us, because that's how it should be; there are enough egos within the trade already! Unlike other taxi publications TaxiPoint is agenda-less and impartial. We report responsibly rather than our own personal opinions or agenda. We gain nothing in releasing "fake news" or covering only certain types of trade news. It would only damage our reputation and credibility as a news source. We are open to ALL drivers and organisations, not a select few, to publish their views whatever they may be. We will have advertisers on the platform. It's a must to cover the costs and reach all 100,000 licensed taxi drivers in the UK. That's the aim and we're going to give it a very good go! So who's behind it? As already mentioned, we don't see this platform about us. This is for the trade to read and for the individual to form their own opinions. But to stay transparent we'll quickly run through who's involved and what they do. Steve Kenton is TaxiPoint's UK Editor. He runs a lot of the national stories and also takes the time to interview trade associates. Michael Murphy is the sites Global Editor. He sources and writes stories from around the world that relates back to the UK. He also writes regionally too. Perry Richardson is the Founder and Chief-Editor of TaxiPoint. He creates and designs the bespoke platform and also writes a fair bit too. If you want to get involved in anyway please contact us. Especially keen to hear from drivers outside of London. 

So what's next? We are just putting in place the start of a national PR campaign to encourage drivers to give TaxiPoint a try. Posters, leaflets, car stickers and more should become visible between now and Christmas. Keep your eyes pealed! We will tweak a few things on the site to gain more national coverage. Adding our publication to Google News for example and having TaxiPoint as a verified account on Twitter are just two of the goals. We've also got a few more ambitious plans that I can't really go into now! We want to reach every single driver using whatever method they prefer. If we can do that, what was once a disjointed and fragmented trade could communicate as one. We need your support. Word of mouth doesn't cost anything, although we are extremely thankful for the generous donations received by users. It keeps TaxiPoint running and growing whilst we're in our infancy. So from the three of us at TaxiPoint we want to thank you for using the service and hope you continue to do so. Be lucky! 

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