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Are Taxify launching next week despite no operators licence in London?

The Estonian minicab firm, Taxify, are about to launch in London next week. The app has long been recruiting private hire drivers promising them a better deal then competitors Uber.

Customers of Taxify will be welcomed with the same low cost service as its rivals, whilst drivers will pay a smaller fee on each ride.

Taxify are yet to receive an operators licence for the capital, but have circulated an email to its recruited drivers stating it will be launching "next week".

There are numerous concerns around Taxify. First off; it's name. They can't use the word taxi as it gives the public the wrong impression. Second, it's a clone to an already controversial business model. And finally, are they about to start working in London WITHOUT an operators licence?

Cross border hiring is a mine field for both Taxi and Private Hire industries and this move would heighten tensions amongst drivers.

TaxiPoint have approached TfL to comment and update us on the status of their operators licence application. We are yet to hear officially yet, but good trade sources say TfL have said Taxify HAVE NOT got a licence in London.

The plot thickens....

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