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Transport for London look to increase penalty charge notice fines

It has been revealed today that in their quest to tackle congestion and improve road safety,  Transport for London are consulting on plans to increase penalty charge notice fines.   

The current levy is set at £130 for an offence,  reduced to £65 for prompt payment. TfL are looking to increase this figure to £160, again reduced by 50% for prompt payment. The penalty charge notices cover a wide range of offences such as bus lane infractions, prohibited left turns and parking offences as well as failure to pay the congestion charge.

Over a period of 5 years there has been a 12% increase in fines being issued against Londons motorists. It is claimed that this statistic proves that the current level of fines are no longer an effective deterrent.

It is alleged that TfL have a rather large hole in aspects of their budget given that the bus network across London is not a profitable entity,  this therefore begs the question: Are TfL planning to use an increase in the penalty charge system to counteract a financial chasm in other areas?

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