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Khanage; more chaos around the Bank

According to TfLs website there are to be yet more roadworks and road closures around the Bank area. Not content with closing Fenchurch Street Westbound by Mincing Lane and Bishopsgate Southbound by Camomile Street, Londons drivers will now have to contend with Threadneedle Street being closed by Bishopsgate from September 16th until December 17th. This closure will also affect Cornhill as there is no access between the hours of 7am to 7pm via Bank,  leaving Threadneedle Street as Cornhills only point of access during the daytime.  

Traffic around the area has already reached gridlock with a journey-time between Cheapside and London Bridge taking in excess of 40 minutes,  a journey that should take no more than 15 minutes under normal circumstances. Eastcheap and Great Tower Street are also now permanently gridlocked with a journey time between London Bridge and Tower Bridge now taking in excess of 30 minutes. Pressure on the periphery roads surrounding Bank Junction have now reached intolerable levels, creating congestion, pollution and potentially costing the City of Londons economy millions in lost revenue due to excessive journey times.

Conventional wisdom would dictate that whilst these major roadworks are taking place around the Bank Junction area the daytime exclusions through the junction itself should be temporarily lifted so as to ease pressure on the surrounding area. The question is will Mayor Khan along with the Corporation of London's Iain Simmons exercise that wisdom, show good common sense and relieve the pressure around the area, or will they beligerently stick to their guns and watch the City of London come to a grinding halt for the next few months.

Over to you Mayor Khan!   

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