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Uber have been sued 435 times so far in 2017

The latest statistics show Uber have so far had to face an astonishing 435 lawsuits so far this year, and we're only at the start of September! 

The lawsuits confirmed by Courthouse News, which has reporters around the U.S. visit federal and regional courthouses to analyse records, comprise of:

- claims of negligence

- failure to train drivers

- exaggerating the quality of the background checks it claims to perform on drivers

- numerous injury accidents (including an alleged death caused by an Uber driver using his phone while driving)

- class actions involving how Uber treats its drivers

- failing to serve disabled passengers

It seems to be just another day at the office for Uber. The lawsuits keep piling in and there seems to be no sign of slowing down. 

Figures reported on by Whosdrivingyou

and are correct as of time of publication, September 7th 2017.

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