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Are Uber facing a third federal investigation?

It is believed, Uber are facing a third federal investigation in the US. As reported by arstechnica  Federal investigators are probing an internal program, dubbed "Hell," that Uber used to keep tabs on its leading competitor, Lyft. 

Uber allegedly created fake Lyft accounts to track drivers and pricing structures in an attempt to offer more competitive fares and to lure Lyft drivers over to their platform with more attractive driver incentives. 

Federal investigators are reportedly probing "whether 'Hell' constituted unauthorized access of a computer"—which is a federal crime under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the anti-hacking statute Congress passed in 1986. 

All federal cases are deemed extremely serious and if found guilty, Uber could find themselves in a whole lot of bother.

If reports are true, this will be the third federal investigation Uber are facing. In addition to the "Hell" investigation, Uber is also facing scrutiny for creating a special version of its app to mislead local officials trying to enforce tax regulations. The third investigation is considering whether Uber violated anti-bribery laws. 

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