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Research shows electric taxi plans will be hindered by lack of rapid charging points

As the taxi trade moves ever closer to electric vehicle technology, many are still questioning the infrastructure just months before the vehicle is due to hit the streets. 

Addison Lee have joined the discussion highlighting the need for more rapid charge points in the capital. In research commissioned by the established minicab company it found that to few charge points were planned to meet the demand expected.

According to The Times electric vehicles will have only 75 rapid charge points available to them by the end of 2017 and will slowly rise to 300 by 2020 if current plans go ahead.

Whilst thousands of non-rapid charge points will appear on the streets, they are no use to commercial vehicles who are unlikely to wait over 3 hours for a charge.

So how can a network of thousands of taxis, with a range of 80 emission free miles, practically work with only 300 rapid charge points to fight over?

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