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Uber driver charged with the rape of a 23 year old woman in Kent Seattle

Uber and Lyft driver, Ismael D. Moussaoui, 28, has been charged with second-degree rape for the alleged attack on a 23 year old woman in Kent, Seattle, and is scheduled to be arraigned at the Maleng Regional Justice Centre, according to the King County Prosecuting Attorneys Office. 

As reported in the Kent reporter Nicole L. Weston, senior deputy prosecuting attorney, stated;

"The defendant carried the victim out of the car almost to the victims friends home; he then put the victim back in his vehicle and drove off with her"

She continued to state;

"The defendant sexually assaulted the victim in the backseat of his car. The victim was able to fight him off and was left on the side of a road screaming and partially clothed "

Kent police responded to a call made by the woman's friend who saw the driver Carrying the victim away, and approximately an hour later the defendant was picked up whilst driving his dark-coloured Toyota Prius; as described by the friend of the victim.

The victim was later found by the police screaming in an apartment block. Her injuries which consisted of bruises and scratches were consistent with someone who may of been attempting to fend of an attacker. 

The alleged attacker, Maussaoui, claims he did engage in sexual contact with the woman but it was consensual. He then continued to claim, the victim changed her mind and began to yell and attack him. According to the defendant, the victim then tried to take his car. 

The case continues. 

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