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Are the Conservatives condoning Uber irregularities?

Only yesterday the Transport for London informed Uber that their license to operate in London will not be renewed due to a myriad of different reasons, thus deeming them "not fit and proper" to operate in London.   

Today the Conservatives via a tweet from their official Twitter page have seemingly and inexplicably condoned Ubers actions with the most curious of tweets. "The uber ban will not only cause massive inconvenience foe Londoners but it shows that the Mayor is closed to business and innovation." It then follows on "Sadiq Khan is threatening to put 40000 people out of work and leave 3.5 million users of uber stranded." The second paragraph is attributed to Greg Hand MP.

Uber have had uncomfortably close ties with the Conservative regime over the last few years, ties that were exposed by Guy Adams in the Daily Mail earlier this year and it would seem that this may still be continuing given the above tweet. It is an attractive but utterly redundant argument to claim that 40000 drivers will be put out of work, many drivers cross-platform and use Uber as a supplement whilst working for other minicab companies. There are also many part-time drivers and dormant drivers that no longer drive a PHV but still remain on Ubers platform. There are around 2000 PHV offices in London that will happily take any number of displaced drivers.....and the Conservatives know this. In addition to this they claim that 3.5 million Londoners will be inconvenienced which again beggars belief. 3.5 million people may well have downloaded the Uber app in London, this however does not mean that 3.5 million people actively use the app. Londons transport network thrived prior to Uber and Uber start to comply with legislation then Uber will be able to operate again in London This tweet begs the following two questions, are the Consevatives deliberately advocating law or rule breaking and the circumvention of legislation when it suits them and does this now cause a potential issue for the Secretary Of State For Transport, Chris Grayling surrounding legislative reforms on cross-border hiring, plying for hire and giving authorities the ability to cap PHV numbers? One would like to think that this is nothing more than an ill thought-out knee-jerk reaction, however we can only wait and see. 

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