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Are Ubers petition figures fact or fiction?

Hot on the heels of the refusal to renew their license for not being a fit and proper operator,  Uber have started a petition to try to get TfL to reverse their decision against them. There are concerns that this petition may be seriously flawed as it seems that according to several tweets individuals have signed the petition despite not having done so.......including unbelievably at least two taxi drivers.

There may well be genuine issues surrounding the petition that are not pertaining to the tech company, however Uber are no strangers to controversy where petitions are concerned as they were accused of the very same issues in September 2015.

What is certain is that there is a long way to go before this issue is finally settled with Uber set to appeal TfLs decision. In the meantime the petition may grow,  but will the final figure be fact or fiction?

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