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The real reason Uber users want them to stay; Cheap

I wish people would just say the real reason why they want Uber to stay. Let's get it right they are not bothered by:


The victims of each sexual attack in an Uber vehicle

The fact they pay no VAT whilst the government continues to make cuts to services

The fact the driver is forced to work 80+ hours a week for less than minimum wage. Yes slave labour

The fact that Uber have 13,000 of its 40,000 drivers driving around with incorrect DBS checks

The fact they 'Greyballed' regulators to hide the way they operate

Let's also get this straight. There are 3 taxi apps in London. We are not dinosaurs. In fact Hailo (now mytaxi) was here in London before Uber. You hear people saying I can't go out anymore because of Uber going. Looking around I see bikes, buses, tube stations and yes 3,000 other minicab operators to chose from! Consumer choice at its peak. John Worboys. You've heard of him like I've heard of Harold Shipman. In such a respected trade such events are so rare. In 350 years of history only three (and it's three too many) taxi drivers have been convicted of sexual assaults. Uber totalled nearly one a week last year and rising by 50% year on year. So let's all be honest... Uber users are bothered by one thing. CHEAP. IT IS CHEAP. I GET CHEAP. Sod everything and everyone else so long as I save a couple of quid. Wish people would just say it rather than try justifying their use other ways. If you're cheap that's fine, but just say it as I have no argument against that fact and I'm now fed up going around the houses with you until we reach the cheap destination where you reside.

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