Uber now claim they are not part of the 'gig economy'

Uber will look to overturn the workers rights ruling by claiming they are not part of the 'gig economy' and that the judges involved in the original ruling were 'factually perverse'. 

Submissions for tomorrow's court hearing obtained by The Independent suggest that the American minicab firm will look to use the recent victory by Stringfellows over one of its lap dancers as a precedent. 

The original ruling was hugely damning and it is widely believed that Uber will fail on this appeal too. Addison Lee only yesterday lost a similar hearing involving workers rights.

This latest twist could also have a detrimental impact with regards to the renewal of its operators licence in London. Whilst the minicab firm have apologised for recent conduct and promised to change its ways, this action to dissolve itself of responsibility may be seen as business as usual.

If Uber lose the appeal its workers will be entitled to a minimum wage and holiday pay. It will also put the onus back on Uber to pay VAT on each ride.

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